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Mind Mapping is the most important thing I have ever learned in my business life.
Sultan Kermally, Director, Economist Conferences

Mind Mapping is immediately transferable, very useable, highly dynamic and the best communication technology I have seen in years.
Army, United States Department of Defence

Mind Maps have the enormous advantage over other methods of thinking and note taking in that they enable complex problems to be described on a single page, allowing them to be viewed as a whole. They offer the further advantage that, as the appreciation of a problem grows, they can be expanded or even re-written, with little effort.
(A Management Development Manual for Doctors and their Managerial Colleagues.' UK)

Dr Tony Turrill, author Transforming Doctor's Dilemmas

Buzan's Mind Mapping techniques have been an incredibly powerful tool for us in our offices. It is amazing how it has opened up our thinking and organisational processes. We use Mind Maps® for meeting agendas, brainstorming problems, organisational charts, and general note-taking and report summaries. This is the tool that is a must for your tool-bag of the future.
William L. Maxillae, Vice-President, Fluor Daniel. USA

It's as if you have been driving all your life with a dirty windscreen and suddenly Mind Maps® clear it for you.
Mr Ahmed, Director, Bangs, Bahrain

I am enclosing the excellent results from last week's course. What can I say! Congratulations on superb evaluations. (94.57%).

Well it was absolute magic! All of the co-ordinators expressed their great appreciation of the excellent morning they spent in your company learning more about better ways of approaching their daily tasks and, indeed, their lives! It is most uplifting to know and be reminded of the potential which exists within each one of us and the way you took us through the session showed us all that we have so much to learn and yet have the ability to do so. On behalf of all the co-ordinators my sincere thanks for the splendid training session.
Keith Davis - Training Programmes Manager IBM UK LTD - Portsmouth

MORE! Thank you for a motivating day of brain exercise.
Juha Wiskari, Managing Director SALLY LINE - FINLAND

Buzan's skills help individuals and organisations gain a competitive advantage through learning, thinking and communicating more effectively.
Australian Institute of Management

Wealth comes from the ability to accumulate and dispense knowledge.

Utilised properly, modern achievements in information management can: cut innovation cycles by up to 90%; costs by 75% and risks by 60%.
James Brian Quinn, Buchanan Professor of Management Emeritus, Dartmouth College, USA

The new worker must be able to manage information, communicate effectively, think creatively and solve problems. The organisation that will be competitive in the new economy will be those with workers who can use their Brain Power to learn how to apply new technologies and solve complex problems.
The Learning Alliance by Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff

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