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Results of 1,600 children given eight tests of divergent thinking show: Ages 3 - 5 ... 98% scored in the creative genius category ... 5 years later ... 32% ... 5 years later ... 10% ... 200,000+ adults over 25 years old ... only 2% - ....
Breakpoint and Beyond by George Land and Beth Jarman

I was moved by his genius – our best business colleagues are using Tony’s Mind Mapping and other techniques to fly through daily information and reduce research projects to half the size.
(Louis Tice, Chairman and Director, The Pacific Institute, Seattle as taken from community website of Australian & New Zealand Buzan Licensed Instructor)

Louis Tice, Chairman and Director, The Pacific Institute, Seattle

Mind Mapping enables me to do in minutes what used to take me hours, sometimes even days.
Jeffrey Mayer -Author, Time Management for Dummies as taken from Manila Mind Mappers blogspot

Mind Maps have permeated Oracle. They are part of a drive for greater innovation within the company.  Mind Maps have enabled us to improve our effectiveness.
(Alan Matcham, Director of Change Management, Oracle Corp. as taken from community website of Australian & New Zealand Buzan Licensed Instructor)

Alan Matcham, Director of Change Management, Oracle Corp

Tony Buzan was a mesmerizing speaker... in a few hours he communicated to a business audience the practical portion of what I had spent four years studying.
Stephen C Lundin, author of the five-million-copy bestselling FISH!

As a brain storming technique, it literally fires the imagination and we have found ideas pouring out in new and exciting ways with a proliferation we had never before experienced.
Sean Adams, President, Alpha Learning. Holland

If the brain is a lock - the Mind Map® is the key.
Bob Pike, President & C.E.O. Creating Training Techniques Int. USA

Brain Power is the key to our future success.
Keith Bradley, Professor of International management at the Open University Business School

I have used Tony Buzan's techniques for the past ten years and find them enormously helpful in writing my books and as an aid to the creative process.
Deepak Chopra, Bestselling Author and Philosopher

Tony Buzan is the Neil Armstrong of the mind! His Mind Map Book is the next giant leap for mankind.
Michael Gelb, author of Thinking for a Change and Present Yourself

Buzan shows corporate executives how to hotwire their creative energies.
Forbes Magazine

Tony Buzan is a man on an impressive mission - to unlock the power of our brains and show us how to tap and use our creative genius.
His Excellency Dr Abdul Hussein Ali Mirza, Minister for Oil & Gas, Bahrain

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